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Looking for a job or hoping to change jobs? Stop the resume dragon from destroying your resume before the hiring manager even sees it!

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Avoid the ogres who discourage you.


Find a job like an insider with Sheila's new book Job Quest: How to Become the Insider Who Gets Hired.



Welcome to Nielsen Career Consulting

Nielsen photoSheila Markin Nielsen is a career counselor and lawyer with 25+ years of experience coaching more than 3,500 professionals.  She helps her clients assess career direction, coaches them on job search, and works with them on optimizing workplace performance.

Nielsen Career Consulting offers services for law firms and businesses, individual attorneys, non-attorneys, and therapists:

Sheila is available for presentations and is a frequent speaker on career issues.

The New Book

Job Quest BookIn her new book Job Quest: How to Become the Insider Who Gets Hired, Sheila Markin Nielsen spells out what so many of us already suspected, that people with personal connections, the insiders, have a tremendous advantage when it comes to landing jobs. It's not that daddy pulls the strings. Instead, it is a personal relationship that the job seeker has created with someone known and trusted by the workplace that opens the doors. In this book she tells everyone how to develop the insider advantage for their job searches through a process of rapid relationship and trust building. Read more ...


Sheila will share her “Map of the Quest“ presentation on networking for business development with your organization. An animated guide to achieving career satisfaction, it gets rave reviews, like this one from Pepper Hamilton LLP.

Please contact Sheila if you are interested in arranging a presentation.

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