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Welcome to Nielsen Career Consulting

Sheila Markin Nielsen is a career counselor and lawyer with 25+ years of experience coaching more than 3,500 professionals.  She helps her clients assess career direction, coaches them on job search, and works with them on optimizing workplace performance.

Nielsen Career Consulting offers services for law firms and businesses, individual attorneys, non-attorneys, and therapists:

Sheila is available for presentations and is a frequent speaker on career issues.

Coming Soon!

Job Quest BookIn her new book Job Quest: How to Become the Insider Who Gets Hired, Sheila Markin Nielsen spells out for the rest of us what natural networkers already know: the people who get hired are the ones who have the inside access. She provides a step-by-step process based on rapid relationship and trust building that explains how to become the insider who gets hired.

Job Quest will be published in April 2015.



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