Sheila Markin Nielsen has over thirty years of experience running her own firm as a career coach. She is an attorney with a Master in Social Work, an author, columnist and popular public speaker.

Sheila worked as a counselor before going to law school. After law school she worked as a criminal prosecutor, first in state court as an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia and Chicago, and then in federal court as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Chicago. She also served on the U.S. Attorney’s office hiring team. A former chair of the Part-Time Lawyer’s Network of the Chicago Bar Association, Nielsen served as Executive Director of the national association Lawyers for Alternative Work Schedules (LAWS) from 1988 to 1990 before leaving to launch her own firm.

Founded in 1990, Nielsen Career Consulting has assisted over 4,500 professionals in job search and career path guidance and professional development.

Please visit the Nielsen Career Consulting Web site for more information, or contact Sheila directly at:

Nielsen Career Consulting
65 East Monroe, Suite 4301
Chicago, Illinois 60603